Introducing the 3008



The New Peugeot 3008 brings you the strength and character you need to dominate the road. As well as entering a new world of fantastic technology when you climb inside, you’ll also be greeted with the space and comfort to accommodate you and your family’s needs.

The new E-3008 is here with a stunning fastback SUV silhouette and next generation PEUGEOT Panoramic i-Cockpit® 


Available to order now as 100% electric, with up to 326 miles

 of all-electric driving range or Hybrid, offering higher fuel efficiency compared to petrol engines but without the need for plug-in charging.


Full details of new 3008 Plug-In Hybrid, with Dual Motor 4 Wheel Drive, and all-electric Long Range E-3008 will be announced later in 2024.

The new E-3008 is a new era of the electric vehicle. With its fastback SUV form, new high-tech front end with ultra-thin PEUGEOT PIXEL LED

  headlights, and a dynamically designed rear end with floating spoiler, it embodies PEUGEOT’s regeneration.

With outstanding electric performance, connected services dedicated to electrified driving
and eco responsibility, the new E-3008 seduces the instant you set eyes on it.

3008 Allure


3008 GT

Key features in addition to Allure:

✓ Clean Cabin Technology linked to automatic air conditioning (using sensors to read the outside/inside air quality)

✓ PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®: Configurable 3D head-up instrument panel

✓ Heated steering wheel

✓ Full Matrix LED headlights (with automatic adjustment)

✓ Rear full LED 3D PEUGEOT new ‘Claw effect’ lights (with sequential ‘welcome sequence’ upon unlocking the vehicle)

✓ LED lighting within glovebox

✓ 20″ Black Diamond Cut alloy wheels

✓ GT model designation badging

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