GLOBAL NCAP (Worldwide) and EURO NCAP (European)

The Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) is a major project of the Towards Zero Foundation which is a UK registered charity (number: 1141798). For more information about the role and governance of the Towards Zero Foundation see: www.towardszerofoundation.org

Global NCAP’s serves as a platform for co-operation among new car assessment programmes worldwide and promotes the universal adoption of the United nation’s most important motor vehicle safety standards worldwide. Global NCAP’s has adopted the following vision, mission statement and road map:


(i) Global NCAP’s long-term aspiration is for a world free from road fatalities and serious injuries.

(ii) Global NCAP want to see all new cars in production exceeding minimum United Nation crash test standards, for pedestrian protection, and for electronic stability control.

(iii) Global NCAP support the further democratisation of vehicle safety by encouraging the best practice application of automotive design and technology in all regions of the world.

(iv) Global NCAP support the promotion of consumer information to encourage a worldwide market for vehicles that are both safer and more environmentally friendly.


(i) Support New Car Assessment Programmes (NCAPs) in emerging markets by offering technical support guidance and quality assurance.

(ii) Provide a cooperation platform for NCAPs and like organisations around the world to share best practice, to further exchange information, and to promote the use of consumer information to encourage the manufacture of safer cars across the global automotive market.

(iii) Promote vehicle safety technologies with proven effectiveness and encourage their accelerated use across the globe by increasing consumer awareness and where appropriate by supporting mandatory application.

(iv) Support training initiatives in vehicle safety regulatory and rating systems to promote policy making capacity particularly in emerging markets.

(v) Promote the use of safer vehicles and technologies by fleet managers in both the public and private sector.

(vi) Recognise achievement in vehicle safety, innovation in safety related technologies, and products through a global awards scheme.

(vii) Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the target to halve road deaths and injuries, and the full implementation of the Global Plan for the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety especially the recommended activities for vehicles.

(viii) Support improvements in vehicle emissions reduction and fuel efficiency and evidence based consumer information to inform consumers about the environmental performance of motor vehicles.


Global NCAP has adopted a Road Map for Safer Vehicles which provides a recommended timetable for UN Member States to apply the most important UN vehicle safety regulations. We propose that these regulations, or equivalent national performance standards, are applied initially to new models and then to all vehicles in production at the latest by the end of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

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